Visual Thinking, Mind Mapping, Design and more: The Cycle of Life

Humoristic and creative visualization about the Cycle of Life found in Lunchbreath’s Flickr Gallery

Very cool way to humorously visualize the connection between poorness and fatness. Check out some of the other visual-mapping greatness at their site.

Visualizing a Training Plan « Aric In Training

Visualizing a Training Plan

October 14, 2009 · Leave a Comment

As I start building my training plan for 2010 for the fourth time, I quickly realized that my problem with producing the plan is that I can’t visualize the progress. This is a problem with with the example plan that my trainer shared with me a while back.

I can see the progression of the endurance phase, that is just a matter of increasing bike/run distances each workout.  But when you move into speed and intensity workouts, how do you show the progress visually?  Training Peaks WKO+ software uses an rTSS metric derived from a number of variables.  The purpose is to normalize every run so that you can compare it to other runs despite route, elevation, weather, etc.

It is something like this that I think I need to develop for myself that shows the progress of intensity, yet handles more simplistic endurance progress.  If I can find something that can show intensity/distance/etc/etc of strength workouts, bike workouts, swim workouts, and run workouts all on the same playing field, I think I would find my missing link.

Clearly something like this does not exist.  As I mentioned before, Training Peaks offers something close, but I am unwilling to spend the $100 just to test it. Besides, I am on a Mac, which they don’t support.

Visualizing a triathlon training plan…  not as easy as it sounds!

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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This is a recent post from my triathlon training blog, AricInTraining. Seeking some help in regards to creating visualization of a triathlon training plan.

I am a visual person and need to visualize the progress. If you have any suggestions, please email me or leave a comment.

Flickr Photo Download: 50 Years of Space Exploration


Visualizing information is a powerful way to communicate. A good graphic artists is a must for any analytics department. The above graphic is astonishing.

1) I see that the moon is the most visited planet.
2) There have been two space craft that went to multiple planets.
3) Mars is the second most visited plant.
4) The sun has been visited more often than I thought.

Overall, Awesome graphic depicting a ton of fascinating information.

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