Addicted to Twitter? Get Your Dedicated Tweeting Device

I just came across Twitter Peek, a handheld device that operates off its own mobile network that gives you 100% dedicated access to your Twitter account all the time.  For $199 (or $99 with 6mos and $7.95/mo afterward) you too can solidify your tweeting addiction.

Seriously though, I like the concept of a twitter device.  Unfortunately, in today’s world, carrying around multiple devices is not cool anymore. Since you can only tweet from it, it truly is a mono-tasker.

I do like the concept of having dedicated access to Twitter for a flat monthly rate.

Still, I wonder how big the market is for this product.  iPhone users aren’t going to buy one.  Droid just came out which has tweeting capability. This device is really for a non-connected, non-mobile user.  Perhaps my grandmother would like one for Christmas?  But then how do you explain the whole twitter thing? And then explain why she needs to be connected 24/7 to it?? 


Facebook Matures with Lite

Are you a Facebook user that hates getting sucked into using those senseless apps that your friends use?   If you are like me, Facebook always came across as childish and less meaningfully sharing oriented.  After using Facebook and becoming "friends" with some app lovers, I gravitated more toward Twitter, where the mature crowd hangs out.  

Well, now I have reason to take another look at Facebook.  Facebook Lite is much more Twitter like, with a simpler gui and far less clutter. The best part, Apps are NOT allowed!  Facebook Lite – Goodbye Facebook Applications

If you want to check it out, head over to

Let there be rejoicing and cheers in the streets!