Approaches to Life: Quantity

As one experiences life, there are many buckets or personas that life sceintists can place people into.  The buckets include efficient precision (those who plan carefully), sponteneity (people who live in the moment only), and quantity (those who are more concerned with sheer volume than quality).

There are people that require many years of observation to place them into the correct persona.  On the other hand, some people only take seconds and leave behind many clues.  Take the photos below:


Clearly this individual used A LOT of duct tape and after watching the recent Mythbusters Duct Tape Hour, I couldn’t let this one go unnoticed.  If you notice in the second picture, the lack of precision in regards to the placement of the mirror, precision and planning probably was not used in this project.   While the end is functional, the quantity approach definitely fits here.