Approaches to Life: Quantity

As one experiences life, there are many buckets or personas that life sceintists can place people into.  The buckets include efficient precision (those who plan carefully), sponteneity (people who live in the moment only), and quantity (those who are more concerned with sheer volume than quality).

There are people that require many years of observation to place them into the correct persona.  On the other hand, some people only take seconds and leave behind many clues.  Take the photos below:


Clearly this individual used A LOT of duct tape and after watching the recent Mythbusters Duct Tape Hour, I couldn’t let this one go unnoticed.  If you notice in the second picture, the lack of precision in regards to the placement of the mirror, precision and planning probably was not used in this project.   While the end is functional, the quantity approach definitely fits here.


The Rise of Social Gaming


Yesterday, I posted an infographic illustrating the relationship between Facebook and Zynga. Today I found a glorious graphic that illustrates just how hot social gaming has become. Zynga has more than double the revenue generation of the second place developer, Playfish. I didn’t know that virtual pigs and tractors were so popular and people are willing to pay for virtual stuff. Now THAT is fascinating human behavior!

What to Do When You Can’t Sleep?

Sleeping is great thing as it gives your body to recover from the day’s activities.

Unfortunately, there are times when you are too stressed out, too tired, or just plain don’t have to sleep. 

So what do you do when you can’t sleep?   Here are a few options:

1) Read a book

2) Work on an outstanding project for work (work ahead)

3) Sketch

4) Write! A note, a journal entry, or a quick short story by hand with pencil and paper.

5) Clean something

6) Meditate

7) Have sex (seriously good workout, burns calories and help you both rest easier!)

There are a few things that you shouldn’t do, particularly if you want to fall asleep eventually:

1) Don’t Watch TV (triggers brain activity, makes it hard to relax)

2) Don’t Go for a walk (especially if you have neighborhood watch, the neighbors might think you are a burgular!)

3) Don’t Surf the internet (like TV, staring at the computer triggers sleep reducing brain activity)

4) Don’t Use power tools.  (might wake up the neighbors, not to mention the other half)

5) Don’t eat, particulary processed foods (eating late at night will make you obese in no time!)

So, there you have some do’s and don’ts for when you can’t sleep.  If you have anything else to add to either of these two lists, please leave a comment!


Track Mouse Activity On Your Computer | FlowingData


I love visualizations and I love understanding human behavior. Anytime I can get both in one tool, graphic, sentence, etc my heart skips a beat. So when I saw this post @FlowingData, I got really excited. You can even download an app to make your own visualization! cheers!

Why Diets Should Be Banned in 2010

Diet: a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons – Oxford American Dictionaries

Losing weight is why most people diet.  Whether you are being influenced by marketing ads online or from the TV or not happy with how you look in the mirror, one typically turns to a “diet” to lose weight.  The very ads that encourage you to drop your funds on their magical weight loss “diet” even seems to indicate that other “diets” don’t work.

What is the reality here?  Why do people go on a “diet” and put the weight back on?  It is because diets are magical temporary solutions that are misrepresented and fail to change people’s habits… which is the key to permanent weight loss. 

I will also argue that diets are a tool to acheive a short-term goal such as fitting into a slightly smaller sized pants or evening gown.   The intention is not to change habits, just get a quick weight fix to look good for one evening.  Diets are used to obtain temporary goals until your next temporary goal comes up on the horizon.

Because diets are a means to achieve short-term goals and don’t change habits, they should be banned.  Why so drastic?  America is facing an obesity epidemic, more so than AIDS, h1n1, chicken pox or any other disease.   We must change HABITS, not blind short-term goals.

Take my story.  Two years ago I was 260 pounds and couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without breathing heavy and getting my heart rate up way too high.  I then started working out, but discovered that true success was a full LIFESTYLE change of becoming more active and eating right.  Sure I started with a “diet” but realized that true success was not something temporary.  I had to give up the processed foods, including sugar and flour.

You know, the change is amazing.  I can do so much more, feel fabulous, and don’t miss the fast food, sweets, or emotional eating at all!  The health food I now eat is awesome.  You all would be amazed at how sweet plain yogurt tastes naturally, how wonderful natural grains taste, and how many different kinds of salads one can come up with.

For this reason, diets are out in 2010.  Let’s get serious America… let’s impress the world with our ability to change our lifestyles, eat right (without dieting) and be active.  Before you know it, we can all enjoy the world so much more and we won’t have to listen to those diet ads.