Winning, Are You Ready?

Wins only come every so often.  If they come too frequently, they lose their value.  If they are too sparse, our willingness to achieve them dissipates. 

When a win occurs, we often find ourselves on cloud nine.  All of the sudden, your world is the happiest place on earth; you want to share the good fortunes.   All of the hard work put forth payed off; the stress, the pain, the lack of sleep, the lows and the highs. Wins become the ultimate motivational tool toward bigger and better wins. They almost become addicting.

For every winner, there is a loser.  No one likes being the loser.  Just as winning is a great motivational tool, so is losing.  However, losing can also be made terribly worse by winner whom rubs it in.   While you should be happy for yourself, you should always be respectful of those who competed with you.

Winning is a delicate thing.  Sure, you want to be happy, strive for that next big win and continue life in your happy place, but it is a double edged sword. Ask yourself:

1) Is your next big win real?  Making decisions and setting goals on cloud nine can be like getting stuck at the craps table in Vegas.

2) Do you fully understand what it took to win?  Knowing how far and how hard your journey to the win was helps set realistic goals for the next win.

3) Did you take the time to address the losers?  Addressing the losers is a great way to build their confidence and yours.  Ask them what they think about your win and their views on the competition.  If they don’t want to share, then they are sore losers.

With these questions, you can be the ultimate winner.   Are you ready to win?

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The Humor In Realization of Getting Older

As we go through life, we expect things to change.  But, we are not always conscious of the change.  Humans live in the moment, plus or minus seven days.  Beyond this bracket, we are not always consciously aware of the relative changes we made.  We do not realize the signs of getting older.

For me, realization of getting older slapped me in the face this weekend.  

1) Driving – All of the sudden, everyone was driving at a much faster speed than I was.  On a two lane back road, I was constantly pulling over to let other motorists by.  I remember years ago when I couldn't drive FAST enough.  No I can't seem to drive slow enough.

2) Music – These days, jazz and classical are tops on my list.  So when a neighbor rented their house to college kids this weekend and they broadcasted their music to the entire universe, I suddenly realized that I was on the other end of the situation.  Yes, I blasted my loud music when I was in college, so I have to laugh from the other side of the "fence."  The music kids listen to today, just doesn't make sense to me. 

3) Food – Back when I was growing up and in college, fast food was a major part of my diet.  These days, rarely would fast food be consumed.  Instead it is replaced with whole grains, vegetables and low sodium soups.  As we get older we pay a lot more attention to what we eat and what the doctor tells us.  Sure, a Big Mac would be great, but I could do without the coronary by-pass. 

As we age, we are not always conscious of, but when I look at these examples I have to laugh.  Being on the other side of the age spectrum is humorous.  Kids will be kids and the older you get, the more you appreciate their position. 

What the funniest moment when you realized you were getting older?