Power of Awesome

I've been a fan of the primal diet and Mark Sisson's blog, Mark's Daily Apple, because it is not only incredibly interesting, but I also find it very motivating. 

I recently received an email from Mark giving an update on the status of my pre-order for his new cookbook, The Primal Blueprint Cookbook.  While I was extremely happy to see him reaching out to his loyal readers/customers (as all good companies do!), I was really surprised to see how he concluded the email:

"Have a day so awesome, other days weep with jealousy." 

Woh….   I was speechless.  This one sentence sent such inspirational shivers through my spine that it is my new life motto!

This one sentence is not only a unique way to conclude an email, but it also builds the relationship in a way that is unexpected… through inspirational good wishes!

Go Mark!

How Big Is Your Inbox?



As an Analyst, I like to track trivial things, such as how much toilet paper I use and how much gas my car consumes.  

One of the less personal and perhaps more company oriented metrics is the size of my Outlook inbox at work. In fact, you can see in early December when the IT department made me aware of the consequences of keeping a lot of mail in the inbox.

You can see that it continued to grow over the summer until I realized that the auto-archive process on the new computer was not running from April to August.  With only a few data points since, I hope to keep the inbox size on a downward slope.

So, what is the point?  The point is if you live in your inbox, you must monitor it’s size or else you may pay the consequences.

So, how big is your inbox?