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How Many Fingers Are On My Feet?

October 10, 2009 · Leave a Comment

Ah…  primal running has come to Aric In Training!

Vibram FiveFingers and barefoot running have become the latest fad.  A fad it might be for the time being, but I firmly believe this primal footwear will be as popular as those strange Uggs.

After reading all of the information published about the benefits of barefoot running, I decided that I must have a pair.  Unfortunately, my first experience with FiveFingers was somewhat limited due to availability.   However confident I was, the tight fit and my fat, deformed toes presented a problem that I worried about, but felt that the size 41 was the best solution.

BUT, today was the moment of truth.  I received a call from a saleswoman at Santa Barbara Outfitters informing me that my size 41, FiveFingers KSO had arrived!  Woohoo!  This city slicker just got a lot closer to primal, barefoot running.

I hurried downtown after work and there they were; perfectly pretty black KSO’s.  Didn’t even bother to put them on, I just grabbed the box, paid and high tailed it home. At home, though, I spent about ten minutes getting the left one on (the left is the funkiest of the two feet), but only about one minute getting the right one on.

Ah...  primal shoes for the outlier!

Ah… primal shoes for the outlier!

My feet are in a paradise that they have never felt before!  Oh my…. the breath-ability, the room, the flexibility, and even the power!   My feet, for so long, have been trapped inside shoes that were designed for normal people.  As you all should know by now, I am not normal… I am a very happy outlier living amongst normals.

The openness of the design, the toe sockets, and the heel cup are just perfect.  My arch can do what it wants and my toes can flex as they please.

The next big test, besides getting them off, is going for a run!  Tomorrow…  tomorrow I will be like a kid in a candy store.

More to come!

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Check out this post from triathlon training blog… AricInTraining. The FiveFingers are really cool!

FiveFingers, where are you?

Ever since I stopped by the outdoor store to buy a pair of FiveFingers and didn’t get one, I have been pondering how I can get them quicker.  The store was out of my size and it seems FiveFingers are popular due to the latest fad in running, barefoot running.    This means that those of us, including me, that were two minutes late to the game, have to wait to partake in the fun.

However, I might have a problem.  When I got out of the shower this morning, I took a long look at my left foot.  I realized that my pinkie to is actually curled under the toe next to it because I have such wide feet and no one makes wide shoes anymore.   The FiveFingers have five toe “pods”, one for each toe, so that during barefoot running, the power of each toe can be assessed!  While I panicked a bit this morning when I saw my strange feet, I think Fivefingers and the barefoot running fad might just be the ticket to getting the pinkie toe out from under the other toe!

Has anyone else tried to buy FiveFingers locally without success?  I would love to hear your comments!


FiveFingers Review on Hulu – Barefoot Running?

Being a fitness/triathlete nut that I am, I am intrigued by the latest fad, barefoot running.  While it should be no surprise that shoes could cause potentially worse injuries for runners as opposed to barefoot, I really don’t think America is about to give up their cushy Uggs! 

More seriously though, this review by WIRED magazine presents a wonderful overview of this latest theory.  It is available on Hulu: I like the comparison of a guy running in shoes and the guy running in FiveFingers.  Gave me flashbacks to the last triathlon I was in where everyone passed me!

Here is a NYTimes article for the non-moving picture viewers:

Once I get back from vacation, I might have to give it a serious go and pick up a pair.