Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It is with great pleasure that I say farewell to 2010 and greet 2011 with open arms.

2010 was a very exciting year for me:

1) I finished 5 sprint triathlons! Read more at http://aricintraining.com

2) I set the foundation for my triathlon training dashboard. More to come later.

3) I survived a near death experience thanks to being stung by a bee while riding my bike!

4) I am the author of one of the top not for profit flight simulator blogs in the world. Check it out: http://arealityofmyown.wordpress.com

5) I learned the value of what it means to be honest and sincere in a good friendship.

6) I was able to help a leading cloud computing company understand their business better with some creative analytics and visualizations.

7) learned that I still have a lot to learn.

8) Universal Studios Hollywood is a much smaller park than I expected.

9) I learned how wonderful it feels to have someone by your side through thick and thin.

10) I know that for all the wonderful changes that occurred during 2010, I know 2011 will have many more to come.

11) Learned that there is never a perfect answer to anything.

Overall, I think 2010 was a year of challenges that truly tested my devotion to achieving my goals. I know that I will only achieve them if I am consistent with my perseverance.

Cheers to an awesome 2011!

The Sublime Ocean Swim

Some of you may have read my post on the benefits of Rough Water Swim Training, but I think there is also another benefit. While I discuss the progression of psychological development by swimming in rough conditions, I think swimming in a very calm ocean can have just as much benefit in terms of serenity and relaxation.

This morning's swim at Leadbetter Beach is a great example of this. With the heat wave settled over the central coast, one great way to find relief is to dive into the ocean and I did just that this morning.  The water was remarkably warm & calm.  Swimming out to the first buoy I noticed how clear the water was, almost pool-like, but there was enough of a swell to make things a little interesting.   After stopping for a moment to tread water, I realized just how lucky I was to be alone off-shore.  The clear skies, sea gulls, sun, moutain views, and cool water was so refreshing.  I just paused there for an extending time to soak it all in.  It reminded me of one of the reasons why I started training for triathlons, to experience nature and the outdoors.  The diving bombing sea gulls really made the moment even better.  But then, it was time to continue on in.  I said a small thank you to the ocean and continued on, relaxed more than ever.

While you may not want to stop in the middle of a triathlon to take in the moment, taking a moment during training to reflect on your surroundings and why you are there is as important as the workout itself.  We must not forget why we are here and take in the benefits of being in the moment.