Successful Entreprenuership Relies on These Two Concepts

I am amazed at how awesome it is to create something that people love, yet never existed before. As I look back upon my first entrepreneurial journey, two concepts really stand out as key to success.

First, always have in mind the whole shebang, that ultimate product that we are striving to build, in the form of a common vision. The whole shebang includes the ecosystem, the features, and the overall purpose of what you are trying to accomplish. The vision is then communicated and used by the team as guidelines for their work.

Second, flexibility in how it all comes together is required. Sure, you can writing a detailed business plan and plot every step of the way. But, flexibility along the journey lets the product evolve as the understanding of the vision evolves. As the saying goes, “there is more than one way to skin a cat,” so let your team help drive the technology, drive the UI, and let creativity, flexibility, and vision coalesce into an awesome product.

When flexibility and vision work against each other, one must stop and consider whether the deviation is worth the distraction. It could be as flexibility could introduce access to a whole new realm that compliments the vision. It could also create a totally separate vision that should be handled as a separate vision and project.

I would argue that flexibility in the implementation of a start-up is what creates a positive, fun, and creative environment where everyone is putting in their two cents. The final product will embody the souls of the team.

Once you have the whole shebang in the form of vision, you can lead your team down a flexible and highly creative path to success.