Taking the Time to Think


Thinking can add tremendous value to everything if you take the time to do it.  Too many times in the past have I sat in a conference room with someone that just doesn’t take the time to think.  They blurt out something that doesn’t exactly answer the question or add value to the topic at hand.  While not wrong, it is just not something that helps the discussion.

Likewise, some of the smartest people I know do not give immediate answers.  Following the question being asked is a pause before they say anything.  The pause is not long, but you can tell by the quality of the answer that they took a moment to gather the words that increase the quality of the meeting and add tremendous value.

The next time you are in a meeting and asked a question, what are you going to do?  Blurt out a reaction or take the time to think, adding value?

Training Dashboard Iteration #1 | TrainingMetrix

I thought I would show off a triathlon training dashboard that incorporates all aspects of performance at a high level.  The back end to this is proprietary, but it illustrates the importance of looking at the larger picture when achieving peak performance is crucial.

Iteration #1 – TrainingMetrix Analytic Performance Dashboard

There are six key pieces of information in the above dashboard for the athlete to digest (from top left, clockwise):

  • Weight and TM Performance score.
  • TM Performance Score
  • Daily Workout Score Plot
  • Upcoming Events
  • TM Performance Variable
  • Weekly Goals

How do all of these pieces of information work together? Well, in the above dashboard, you can see a customized example of a triathlete that is rather inconsistent with their training, their life, and therefore their weight and performance score are trending in the wrong direction. This triathlete needs to focus on:

  • Consistency of workouts, which will help reduce their life and workout scores
  • Eating a consistent healthy diet, reducing their nutrition score

Focusing on these two variables, the triathlete can then start tracking toward improved performance and reduce their TrainingMetrix Performance Score.

Dashboards apply to much more than just business related use cases. Fitness and triathlon training can benefit greatly from a well designed dashboard showing analysis from comprehensive data collection. TrainingMetrix (the company I recently founded) is one of the most comprehensive fitness tracking solutions on the market. I developed it from my three years of triathlon training. For more information, visit http://www.trainingmetrix.com

Facebook Vs Twitter Infographic – Comparison Of Social Influence


Interesting Infographic with a number of take aways. I really think this infographic could have been better laid out as it has too many lines, circles and the font is hard to read.

Still though:

1) Twitter is a better platform for getting brand followers to purchase.

2) Facebook users tend to be younger, the older Twitter users make less money.

3) Nearly half of Twitter users are in college.

Looking at these three points, I wonder if Twitter and Facebook profiles are reversed. I thought Facebook was the preferred college platform.