Just One Thing Done Well

For a long while, it seemed that multi-tasking was the thing.  The more projects you had on your to-do list, the better.  The more programs you had open on your computer, the better.  In fact, one of the biggest highlights of Android OS over iOS is the fact that Android can multi-task better than iOS can.

But, with the introduction of scrum and further scientific research, it seems the best thing to do is really only one thing.  Perhaps doing three projects at once and delivering merely acceptable results isn’t cool anymore.  Now that the economy has tanked and unemployment is at an all-time high, it seems businesses and employers want the best and that means mono-tasking.

So, as you enter the new economy, how sharp are your skills?  My experience has been that position requirements are so specific, that a generalized resume dressed up with keywords ins’t going to get you that interview.  When you list your skills, what are your most refined?  What can you do really, really well?  That is what employers want and they want to see it in your experience and hear it in your voice. 

Don’t have any highly refined skill sets?  Well, then, its time to get some. 

You like data?  Maybe its time to download Talend and start building out workflows… 

You like sketching?  Time to establish a blog and show off your best work, jump on twitter and create your presence. 

You like driving?  Start a blog about the best driving routes of America.. or even the world.   Be creative in your approach.

To survive in the new economy, you will have to get just one thing done well for employer.  It will have to come from your passion, your heart, and your love. 

When was the last time you got just one thing done well?