Another Breath Taking Visit to Fort Tejon

Fort Tejon was a major military fort in the mid-19th century.   WHile it saw most of its action during the Dragoon era, it was used as a military post during the Civil War to house California’s volunteer corps.  


While the fort itself is quite small, it packs a large punch in its beauty.  Situated in a small valley near the top of the Tejon Pass, the golden hills, rich green vegetation and brown buildings represent a stunning palette of earth tones.  Toss in some amazing clouds and a brilliant blue sky, and you can spend countless hours just observing the changing environment around you.  

An added treat for me today was the living history demonstrations where volunteers wear period clothing and represent life at the fort during the Dragoon era, the 1850’s.   I also had the honor of being fourth position on the artillery squad, which meant I got to fire the Howitzer field gun, twice!  Nothing like a half pound of gun powder exploding a few feet away to make you appreciate the service that the men of our Armed Forces embark upon to keep us all safe. 

For more information on Fort Tejon, please visit the Fort Tejon Historical Association.