What’s Premium about Premium?

I noticed that a lot of labels at the grocery store had the word “premium” blazed across them.  Seemed like everything I looked at, compared, and put back had a “premium” label.

So, I have to ask what is so premium about premium when everyone is premium? 

If everyone produces a premium product class, doesn’t that nullify the advantage of using premium as a marketing label? 

Take a look at Premium on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Premium

Wouldn’t it be advantageous to the producer of the product to create an ultra-premium class that separates themselves from the rest of the premium products. 

Perhaps America has decided that they won’t buy anything unless it has a premium label on it?  Has America become that picky?

When you walk into the office next time, ask yourself, are you advertising premium just to keep up with the competition?  Then consider what it would take to make your product ultra-premium and stand out from the crowd of premiums. Don’t just be premuim.