Nature’s Come Back

After the Tea Fire of 2008 swept through the foothills above Santa Barbara, burning more than 200 homes, I knew it would take a long time for our neighbors and nature to come home.  While the house that I live in survived the fire, returning after that long scary weekend to scorched earth and devastation was heart-breaking.

However, the landscape is slowly turning from brown, black ash to green again.  In fact, there are numerous breathetaking sites to enjoy as life replaces scorched death.


Take the picture above, taken today at Parma Park above Santa Barbara.  The strangely curved, scorched branches mimic fire while the leaves represent life trying to fight free of death’s grasp. 

The image is an excellent example of using patterns to enhance mood and drama.

Image copyright – 2010 Aric Monts-Homkey. Cannot be reproduced in anyway without Aric’s written permission.