Popping In, Popping Out of Life

Lately, I have been absolutely amazed at the number of people I met earlier in life and lost contact with, but who have recently made contact again.  It seems that the notion of people popping in and out of your life is very really, sometimes permanently.  As I listen to a friend talk about losing a friend of his and seeing friends from my past popping in and out, I used this as inspiration for the text below: 

In life, there will be people popping in to your life that will make an impression upon you. Then they pop out of life and you wonder about what happened to them.  Then, one day, you are walking down the street and you find them again, hoping to keep them popped in for a little longer than when they popped in before.

But then, they pop out permanently by death.  Knowing that they will never pop back into your life, makes you sad.  But did they ever really pop out of your life in the beginning.  In fact, a little piece of them is with you, in your heart, in your thoughts and you will always have them with you.  Popping out permanently is like popping in permanently, but in a different form.  You see they never really popped out to begin with.

Then, one day, perhaps when we least expect it, you will pop out of life too.  Permanently.  Death is not a bad thing.  It helps us remember the missing popper and forces us to recognize, in a somewhat painful, cruel way, how much they have touched our lives. 

Since those around us will always carry part of who we are with them, this isn’t such a bad thing afterall…  friends, family, colleagues and strangers will remember you for how you touched them.  In fact, one you’ve popped out, you might pop into other peoples’ lives that you never thought possibly. 

So then they continue popping in and popping out of other peoples’ lives, sharing you and sharing themselves as they go.  

Until, three or four generations later when you are forgotten.  Replaced with other people and other memories in their hearts.  You may be remembered by a box of junk and old photos, but that does not matter.  At this point, those people who popped in and out of your life have permanently popped out too.  Together again you all will be, the memories continue, more fun is had, and life as you knew it with your fellow poppers continues on in a land that is so fantastic, those stuck on earth could only begin to fathom.  

As you go through life, be true to yourself, embrace others for who they are and enjoy the moments, memories, laughs and simple conversations.  Share experiences with those around you and have fun every minute of the day.  Smile, laugh, embrace, and party.

 Popping in and popping out just makes life a little more fun.