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As you all know, I am a huge fan of Starbucks, not because their coffee is great or their food is better than local places, but because Starbucks has become an American institution that defines the calendar year.

Take the holidays for instance.  Starbucks makes the following changes:

A) They decorate their stores with garland, lights, ornaments, and holiday cheer.

B) They introduce their signature snow flake, red coffee cup.

C) They add seasonal appropriate food items to the menu, including Grandma’s Turkey Sandwich for Thanksgiving and Cranberry Bliss Bar for Christmas.

Seeing these changes drives home the point that the holidays are here.  You can even set your clock by them.

This year, Starbucks has added an extra special cutie to their line of heart attack inducing treats, the polar bear iced sugar cookie.

Starbucks Polar Bear Iced Sugar Cookie

Starbucks Polar Bear Iced Sugar Cookie

Starbucks clearly has fun with defining the holidays and delivering delicious, seasonal treats, but does very little to help America solve its obesity problem (I am not blaming obesity on Starbucks).  At 440 calories, it has more calories than a grande mocha.  Consuming the two together, one will have consumed nearly 800 calories of pure junk.  Heck, it is the holidays, right?

As large and as cute as it is (reminds me of the Coca Cola polar bear of yesteryear), don’t be fooled, it contains 15 grams of sugar, 15 grams of saturated fat, and just 1 gram of protein.  Yep, this cutie is an artery clogging treat that one should have one of this year.  It is the epitome of holiday indulgence.

The next time you get your favorite coffee drink at Starbucks, grab one of those cute polar bears and enjoy a few minutes of yummy-ness.  Then go to the track and run it off.  Starbucks’ fun of defining the holidays is a the perfect example of appealing to your customer’s sweet side while embracing seasonality.

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