BarBQ, Airports and Texas

I had to take my brother down to the airport this morning at 3am!  Nothing like driving along the back roads of Texas in the middle of the night, alone, with the illuminated retenas of deer along side the road.  Not exactly ideal, but then traffic was a non-issue.

On our way down to the airport, my brother pointed out that he didn’t get the opportunity to have any barbq during his visit here.  I felt for him as you can’t come to the Texas Hill COuntry and not enjoy the lucious, juicy, smokey goodness of this fabulous Texas product.  From Rudy’s to Bill’s, you really can’y go wrong (unless they serve it with the sauce already on it!) with the choices.  He looked at it this way, barbq is the perfect reason to come back to Texas!

We arrrived at the airport shortly after 4am.  Not a soul was in sight.  San Antonio is a small airport and is currently undergoing a major renovation. In fact, the large terminal signs that navigate you around the airport are actually bigger than they need to be as terminal 1 and terminal 2 are within a hundred yards of each other.  Perhaps the airport is trying to be bigger than it needs to be. Either way, leaving my brother at the curb at such an early hour just seemed odd…  almost as if the world had become frozen in time.

Texas is a very large state that is very opinionated and really thinks of itself as its own nation.  It is fully of amazing wildlife, distinct cultures, and an amazingly bloody history.  Texas is an experience that one must have multiple times in their life.  From the joys of cow-tipping entertainment in the ranch towns, to the lively night life in Austin, to the cheap border towns like McAllen, Texas has it all.

This vacation isn’t quite over and I plan to enjoy Texas for a few more days.  Can’t wait for a beer and more barbq!