The Texas Family Boxing Ring

Yes, I am in Kerrville, Texas visiting family.  I flew from the central coast of California to join my aunt, grandmother, uncle and brother (from Seattle) for Thanksgiving.  I love my family, but there are many tense moments that drive us all crazy.

It is like being in a boxing ring, only we don’t throw punches at each, just non constructive criticism.  You see, we will all get together in the ring and have a great time, but then someone will get offended by a comment or get grouchy from lack of food. Then it explodes and we all go to our corners for a bit of alone time.  After that, we come back to the center and do it all over again.

Today it was my aunt that pointed out how badly she thought I drove.  Then my brother walked out on us at the grocery store.  Then the dogs wouldn’t stop barking at me so my aunt got a little upset (the dogs hate me!).  Then I started feeling exercise deprived and went out for a run which wasn’t authorized by the rest of the family so they feel abandoned.

You see, each member of my family is very independent, controlling and opinionated.  We respect each other a lot and we love each other, but when the conditions are just right, look out. 

I am in my corner typing this and updating my other blogs.  I realize that what they say about enjoying all good things in moderation is so true.  It applies to family.  Let’s spend two hours as a unit, then split off and have one on one time, and then lets all go to our rooms and relax.  Just because my brother is here for 52 hours, I am not going to spend every minute with him because I respect him and his needs. 

So, there you have it… the family boxing ring.