How A Droid Came Home With Me

I didn’t leave the house anticipating that I would have a new best friend upon arriving back at home.

I really went down to get a haircut, but the wait was so long, I moved on.  I parked a fair ways down the street, so I started walking back toward the car. 

Then the Verizon Wireless store jumped out in front of me and wouldn’t let me pass without going in.  Fine, I thought, this would be a great opportunity for me to check out the Droid again.  (You can read my first impression here)

It wasn’t long before a sales rep found my weak side and started probing with the the right questions.  Before long, he informed me that I was eligible for a phone upgrade and that the contract was a non-issue.

Then he really got heavy, he put a Blackberry Bold next to the Droid and started pointing out the features:

Video:  The Blackberry seemed tiny and not designed for video.  The Droid was theatre like and the sound awesome (it has a real speaker!) Droid won.

Email: The Blackberry wins for execution, but the Droid is designed to work with my Gmail account.  Access to my calendar and email is just a click away.  Droid narrowly won this one.

Web Browser:  The rep informed me that the browser on the Droid was more robust than the Blackberry, which he said was an add-on. Droid was designed for web browsing, so it wins hands down.

Camera:  Droid has 5mp camera vs a 3mp camera on the Blackberry.  I think the Blackberry wins for quality here, the Droid camera just doesn’t take as sharp of a picture as the Blackberry, despite the larger censor size.  Blackberry wins.

Apps: The sales rep pointed to the “Market” icon on the Droid and asked me to find a few apps that I liked.  Then he asked me to find a few apps that were similar for Blackberry.  I couldn’t and discovered that the open source Android OS has a lot more apps available to it.  The rep smiled.  Droid Wins.

I then asked about price.  For $75/mo, I can have full functionality, including 3G, wifi, unlimited data and text, and email.  Sold!

So that is how a Droid came home with me.  It is my new best friend and I am happy that I adopted one.  In my mind, the iPhone’s market just shrunk.

Grab your new friend and buy a Droid!

Note: If the ringer volume is quiet and you miss calls, reboot it.  Turn it off using the power button and then turn it back on.  Ringer volume will be back to normal.