Community, Huh?

Communities can take on numerous forms. Whether it is a community of athletes, a community of scientists, or even a community of geographic location, similar interests bring people together.  In fact, one individual can be a part of many communities at the same time.

From the Maya civilization to the British Empire and the foundations of the United States of America, community is a huge concept that everyone needs to be a participant of.

It is through the community that we find our friends and network with people that not only share ideas, but help us when we are down.  You see, the power of the community is infinite.  As I discussed in my post on collaboration, one person cannot succeed alone.  Many persons can build a monument and shape the country we live in.

Here are a few things that I think make communities so wonderful:

1) Support those around you the best you can.

2) Be there to enable to someone to find their dreams.

3) If someone needs a meal, spare a can of soup at the least.

4) Offer someone an ear and a shoulder to cry on… be human.

5) Everyday, make someone smile and share one idea.

I would like you to make a list of all of the communities that you are involved in.  If you feel like it, please leave a few in a comment.

Here are a few of my communities:
A) Triathlon B) Photography  C) Blogging D) Social Media E) Analytics

If you really are saying, “Community, Huh?”, you have work to do.

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