How Do You Know It Is Time To Start Clean?

Life is one giant circle.  Seeing life as a linear graph just does not work for me.  Here is why:

1) The calendar is a revolving set of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months.

2) The sun comes up and the sun goes down, everyday.

3) Businesses operate on a quarter system, meaning every 3 months, the same planning processes are restarted.

4) The hands on an old school analog watch, go in circles.

5) The earth is round and you can circle for years and never see the whole thing.

Very much like watches, days, quarters, and the earth, our careers are circular.  With each new challenge, we face it head-on, conquer it, and then move on to the next one, building our networks, skills, and experience with each cycle.  

It is the end of a cycle that most intrigues me.  At this point, you start to realize that the next cycle does not tickle your fancy like it did previously.

For some, the constant need for new and bigger challenges often dictates their next step.  It is almost too human of a need to be challenged and when that does not happen, human feels bruised.  Granted there are circumstances beyond our control, but when the circumstances beyond our control supercede the challenge, the human needs to start clean again. 

Starting clean means new environments, new systems, new people, new seeds, and even new watches, but you can’t alienate the old. Afterall, we are building upon the old.

The very thought of knowing when to start clean can be a fascinating challenge in itself, proving that starting clean, is the right thing. Be human, it is okay to start clean.

How do YOU know when it is time to start clean?  Please leave a comment, I am very interested in everyone’s view on this subject.