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Visualizing a Training Plan

October 14, 2009 · Leave a Comment

As I start building my training plan for 2010 for the fourth time, I quickly realized that my problem with producing the plan is that I can’t visualize the progress. This is a problem with with the example plan that my trainer shared with me a while back.

I can see the progression of the endurance phase, that is just a matter of increasing bike/run distances each workout.  But when you move into speed and intensity workouts, how do you show the progress visually?  Training Peaks WKO+ software uses an rTSS metric derived from a number of variables.  The purpose is to normalize every run so that you can compare it to other runs despite route, elevation, weather, etc.

It is something like this that I think I need to develop for myself that shows the progress of intensity, yet handles more simplistic endurance progress.  If I can find something that can show intensity/distance/etc/etc of strength workouts, bike workouts, swim workouts, and run workouts all on the same playing field, I think I would find my missing link.

Clearly something like this does not exist.  As I mentioned before, Training Peaks offers something close, but I am unwilling to spend the $100 just to test it. Besides, I am on a Mac, which they don’t support.

Visualizing a triathlon training plan…  not as easy as it sounds!

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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This is a recent post from my triathlon training blog, AricInTraining. Seeking some help in regards to creating visualization of a triathlon training plan.

I am a visual person and need to visualize the progress. If you have any suggestions, please email me or leave a comment.