Mypressi Twist | Product Reviews

Excellent, Easy Espresso From an Affordable Portable Machine

The Twist uses cartridges of nitrous oxide (yes, whippits) to generate nine bars of pressure. This even stream of happy gas forces hot water through a compressed puck of grounds or an espresso pod. It makes only double doses, but a forked spout can split the portion. It’s dead easy to operate, and since a cartridge makes four pours, there’s not a lot of fiddling between rounds. Best yet, the thick, rich brew is just as good as what you’d get from a $2,000 countertop machine.

WIRED Excellent, creamy espresso. Gorgeous design. Works with pods and grounds. Easy to disassemble and clean.

TIRED Single shots pour unevenly if you don’t hold the unit level — tricky when you’ve had a few too many. No empty-cartridge indicator. Ineffective as an N2O delivery mechanism — we got a caffeine buzz with a nitrous jones.

  • Type: Coffee makers
  • Manufacturer: Mypressi
  • Price: $170


Anyone up for a Nitrous Oxide powered espresso?  As strange as it sounds, the nine bars of pressure is enough to deliver decent shots.