Between the Brick Wall & the Cliff

You look up and see brick. You look left and then right, but can only see brick. You realize that you are standing in front of a brick wall so large, that its edges can’t be seen.

You look down and see blackness. You are standing on the edge of a cliff with an unknown bottom. Looking behind you, you see blackness as well. Your heart rate picks up speed. You are standing on a block… a block of emptiness.

You are in that area where creativity, inspiration, and thoughts are a black hole. You are unable to complete a thought nor are you able to comprehend.

To move from this spot, you realize you must find something that you already have to find your way down the cliff, over the wall, or around the wall. But, your pockets are empty and the light is fading…

Your mind races with panic, your eyes blink and twitch faster by the second as you think through the situation.

Then, you see a slight light above you. You found an idea by reflecting on your day…

The light gets brighter as you begin to correlate the meaning of the day’s events and start building a pattern of significance.

“Eureka,” your mind shouts as you realize you have a topic for your next post.

Suddenly, the light illuminates a staircase that descends the cliff to a tranquil pond, a bridge and then an elevator to the far side of the brick wall.

As you build your post, connect the thoughts and discover the meaning, the beginning and the end, the far side of the brick is such a beautiful, sunny place.

You look back in bewilderment as you realize the panic was unneeded, that meaning was always there and that spot between the brick wall and the cliff, really isn’t such a bad place after all.