The Challenging, Beautiful and Fun Triathlon

On September 27th, I completed the Carpinteria Triathlon sprint course.  This was my third triathlon since I began my journey from office potato to triathlete.

If there are three words that I can use to describe the experience, they are challenging, beautiful fun.

The Swim

The morning of the triathlon, Carpinteria was fogged in.  There were rumors that the start was to be delayed.  However, I still took the opportunity to get in a practice swim and I got a surprise.  The water was cooler than expected, the swell impressive, the surf a little scary, and the fog disorienting.  Swimming back toward shore during my practice swim, something happened and I got turned around.  When I looked up to sight shore, all I saw was buoy.  I panicked momentarily was I swung a 360 to figure out where I was. The fog and swell hid the shore, testing my ability to stay calm. Luckily, I got back on track, but then realized how strong the current was carrying me toward the start line.  The swim portion was going to be interesting.

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