Dueling Priorities In The Middle Ground

I have priorities.  You have priorities.  Individual priorities are a part of being proactive.  Being proactive is what leads us to success.

It is the middle ground between your priorities and my priorities that leads to a positive or negative experience.  It is how the individual communicates their priorities and how they negotiate this middle ground that can make me help of not help.

Earlier this week, I had the displeasure of receiving harassing communications from a client that related to his internet connection.  At the same time, I was dealing with my priorities which could not be dropped in a whim.   While I am receptive to his needs, my assistance came many hours later when I was able to properly give him the attention he needed, but this was not quick enough.

In the end, his priorities of accessing his computer and solitaire was a very low priority in my book and to make it seem like such a high priority was like crying wolf.  

As you enter the middle ground of dueling priorities, please take the time to properly communicate your needs and trust that the individual you are negotiating with will make the right decision.  Working together, success will be awesome!