Don’t Forget the Details!

Today, I received my package from Starbucks containing two packs of their new VIA instant coffee.   It is not available locally here in Santa Barbara until the 29th of September, but you can order it online.  I am impatient so I order one pack of Italian Roast and one pack of Columbia and had it shipped. This was my first time ordering from

Opening the box, I was surprised to see a wonderful appreciation message with warm regards and a free pack of After Coffee Mints.  After digging through the package and extracting my goodies from the peanuts, I realized that something was missing from this Starbucks experience.  It was the detail of refined packaging with a human touch.

1) The appreciation letter is printed and feels more institutional.  Perhaps a signature at the bottom from someone at Starbucks would make it more personal and make me feel like I am reading something more important than an insert.

2) Opening the box and finding peanuts is old school and does nothing to inspire me to order again.  If Starbucks is going to use peanuts, be creative! Why not use peanuts in the shape of lattes or coffee beans?? Make the experience unique and you make it personal.

While I am extremely pleased with my order, transaction, and buying experience, I expected a more personal, unique experience from Starbucks.  Nothing stood out to me unpacking my order…  so un-Starbucks.

I firmly believe that if you have fun with the details and provide the customer with a unique experience, they will love you forever!