The Feynman Alda Approach

"Paying Attention to the apparently trivial intrigued me." – Alan Alda

"Curiosity had the power to engage me completely. It sent me to a zone where time stopped and I floated through that infinite space between dots on the face of a watch.  Curiosity could make me feel more alive" – Alan Alda

"I love puzzles.  One guy tries to make something to keep the another guy out; there must be a way to beat it!" – Richard Feynman

Both Richard Feynman and Alan Alda are truly inspiring. Both men impacted our world in very different ways, yet their underlying approach is the same.  The approach of understanding and even cracking the most trivial, mundane things in our world.

For Feynman, this led to a highly successful career as a physicist who played a key role in developing the atomic bomb.  For Alda, this led to a wonderful educational documentary TV series called "Scientific American Frontiers."

It is this curiosity and quest to understand the world around us that takes down different paths.  From marketing to product development and market research, understand the trivial and finding ways to beat the other guy can lead to huge successes. Curiosity is at the core of our human behavior.

What was the last trivial thing that got the best of your curiosity?

Note Quotes from :
Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself – Alan Alda
"Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman" – Richard Feynman
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