Making Monday Inspirational

I find Monday to be most un-inspiring.  Being the first day following a pretty fun weekend and the first day of a five day work week, the psychology just does not give Monday the same energy as Friday.


But how do WE make Monday an inspirational day?  Well, let’s be creative!

A. Half day Monday.  We had them in school, so why can’t we have them in the workplace?   However, that half day has to be spent doing something productive that is of the employees own idea. That means the time can not be spent fulfilling a request, a project suggested by another person or a daily task.

B. Creative Monday.  For the entire day, we would do creative tasks like working soduko puzzles, drawing pictures, painting, dancing, etc, etc.  The idea is to allow us time to develop our own task that is creative and empowering.  Get the brain working!

C. Work From Anywhere Monday. With great remote access solutions like GoToMyPC, working efficiently away from the office is possible.   Let us work from the beach, our favorite coffee shop or even a wine bar! woh!

D. Choose your cube day!  For some of us that work in cubicles far from windows and natural light, an inspiring thought is to kick someone out of their cube by the window and occupy it, even for an hour!  So, why not have a first come, first serve, choose your cube day.  Bring your laptop, calendar, and coffee cup for one day and see the light!

Anyone have any other thoughts on ways to make Monday inspirational?