Apple Refreshes iPod Line

Just when I convinced myself to take the leap and buy an iPod Touch, Apple shakes things up with their iPod line of entertainment devices.  Here are some of the changes:

1) iPod Nano gets a video camera!

I am just as shocked as you are.  I thought the iPod Touch would get a camera before the Nano.  However, I think Apple’s decision to add video recording to the Nano is a great way to revitalize sales with kids heading back to school.   Now they can listen to their tunes and record their friends doing crazy things in class at half the cost of an iPod Touch.

2) iPod Touch gets faster and more capacity!

The 16Gb version is history and the 8Gb version’s price drops for $199.   Introducing new faster 32Gb ($299) and 64Gb ($399) versions with enhanced graphics brings the iPod Touch up to the new iPhone level.  While I am disappointed in the lack of video recording capability, the larger capacity will be welcomed by those needing an upgrade from their 32Gb units.  

3) iTunes 9 is out!

While I don’t really use iTunes for much other than putting music onto my old blue Nano and renting the occasional movie, the new features of iTunes 9 are appealing.  The latest version brings us enhanced home sharing, a redesigned iTunes Store, improved syncing abilities, improved Genius, and lots more.  

Apple sure knows how to alter its customer’s human behavior. Now that Apple reconfigured the iPod line and changed the pricing.  It is back to square one for me to decide again how much I want to spend and what I should get.  I am thinking the new 32gb iPod Touch will suffice, however if I wait long enough I might be able to get a refurbished unit for cheap.