FiveFingers, where are you?

Ever since I stopped by the outdoor store to buy a pair of FiveFingers and didn’t get one, I have been pondering how I can get them quicker.  The store was out of my size and it seems FiveFingers are popular due to the latest fad in running, barefoot running.    This means that those of us, including me, that were two minutes late to the game, have to wait to partake in the fun.

However, I might have a problem.  When I got out of the shower this morning, I took a long look at my left foot.  I realized that my pinkie to is actually curled under the toe next to it because I have such wide feet and no one makes wide shoes anymore.   The FiveFingers have five toe “pods”, one for each toe, so that during barefoot running, the power of each toe can be assessed!  While I panicked a bit this morning when I saw my strange feet, I think Fivefingers and the barefoot running fad might just be the ticket to getting the pinkie toe out from under the other toe!

Has anyone else tried to buy FiveFingers locally without success?  I would love to hear your comments!