Offer? What’s That?

One of the nice things about being obese years ago was that I was so foggy headed from the lack of exercise, crappy diet and health issues that I didn’t have time to really about care about anything except getting through the next hour. 

Boy have things changed 60 pounds and two years later.  The fogginess is gone, replaced with alertness and happiness.  However, one thing is still missing, something that I was never able to even grasp clearly before; a clear concise message of what I deliver.  Sure, I love data analysis, can write some gnarly SQL queries, love blogging, finding patterns, reading, doing creative things, inspiring others, triathlons, fitness, problem solving, exploring and discussing information, but how do you put all of this into, let’s say, two words?  

Creative Journalism
Dynamic Resolution
Digital Life

Maybe two words is too short.  A while back I boiled everything down to “To Inspire”.   While this is great, it is too high-level as I move forward.  Looking over the five strengths, all of the things listed above fit in perfectly with journalism and customer service, but what I want to do is more than that.

What is it that I offer the world, summed up in a nice, catchy few words.  “Lifestyle Design” is Tim Ferris’s catch phrase.  “Trust Agent” belongs to Chris Brogan.  Hmmm….  “Anal Thinker” does not work…  I’ll keep thinking!