The Null Zone

Vacation started on Monday, which was the first day of recovery from the Santa Barbara Triathlon.  The plan was to leave tomorrow for a driving trip up to Oregon to visit Fort Yamhill and the greater Salem area.  Unfortunately, I feel like I am stuck in the middle.  One thing keeping me in town is that I started a purge of my studio apartment (it is amazing how much stuff we gather over time) and I can't leave it in mid chaos. Besides, if I left tomorrow, that would put me in Oregon over the weekend and I would suffer the consequences of the crowd.   I also don't feel like driving, nor flying.  The problem is, if I don't go on vacation, I will waste it away and I will need another vacation to make up for the wasted vacation.   You see, I am stuck in the null zone.  I have faith that I will be ready for it when I am ready.  My current thought is to leave on Saturday, stay in Redding and arrive in Oregon on Sunday, post crowd chaos!   The null zone is an interesting place to be.