Finding the Meaning of Life

It hit me one day and made me cry.  They say that it makes you cry when you find it, so I knew that this was the answer and it came down to two words.  In the past, I thought the meaning life was something so complex I began writing long essays and over-analyzing events that I totally missed the simplicity of the answer.

To Inspire

These two words are why I exist.  They are the simplest commonality behind everything I have accomplished in the past.   From building electric cars in high school, to studying abroad, to my passion for understanding human behavior, past, present and future, to inspire is the lens through which I found meaning in all of the events, I just didn’t know it.   I find myself inspiring others through ground-breaking, pioneering acts. As I move toward customer modeling and personal training, these two components of my life further solidify the meaning of the two words.   Customer modeling allows me to inspire others in the company to make smart decisions by providing a new view of the customer they never had before.   Personal Training allows me inspire those who want to change. As my journey from couch potato to triathlete continues, I firmly believe that the answer to sky rocketing health care costs is proper nutrition and exercise.  By using my story, person-skills, and passion for fitness science, I will make the world healthier one person at a time.